Friday, November 2, 2012

**BOKO Haram Cease Fire**. Buhari Leads Boko Haram's Team.


"Muhammadu Buhari, a Muslim colonel (Maj Gen) who ruled Nigeria for 20 months after seizing power in 1984, had to be a negotiator during talks". - Abu Mohammed Ibn Abdulazeez, Boko Haram Spokesperson.

Other Conditions:
**govt should compensate the group and rebuild their places of worship which were destroyed during 2009 uprising.
**all their members who were arrested and are under the custody of security agencies must be released with immediate effect.
**Peace Talks Must be saudi Arabia.

Team Lead By Buhari.
#Dr. Shettima Ali Monguno, # Bukar Abba Ibrahim (ex Yobe Governor), #Ambassador Gaji Galtimari, #Barr Aisha Alkali Wakil and #Barr. Alkali Wakil.

Boko Haram Team.
#Abu Mohammed Abdulazeez, #Abu Abbas, #Sheikh Ibrahim Yusuf, #Sheikh Sani Kontogora and #Mamman Nur.

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